With the fracturing of the traditional TV broadcast market where the thirty-second spot reigned supreme, new approaches to reaching and capturing audience attention are evolving, and the Webisodic series format is fast becoming a dominant hybrid model for entrainment and advertising. Utilizing original narrative or reality-based story content, a Webisodic series is told in up to 24 short episodes. For companies that have built a substantial social media fan-base, or have an entertainment product that they want to cross-promote with Transmedia touch-points, Webisodic programming creates reoccurring content to consistently engage your audience.

Micro Movies are a new form that is gaining momentum for audiences that want short content that takes them into a fully realized story-word, generating the experience of a condensed feature film with a lot of visual or emotional bang compressed into ten minutes or less.

A branded entertainment short created for the grand opening gala of The Allure of the Automobile exhibition at the Portland Art Museum.

Excerpted from ‘A NEW DIMENSION’, a branded entertainment short for the 2010 Panasonic Line Show.
Creative Agency: Steelhead Advertising
Directors: The Pander Bros.